About Daniel Snow

Photo courtesy SoulCam Photography

My wife and I live, work, and worship in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We enjoy exploring our surroundings and experiencing the city through hikes along the Mississippi and bike rides on Minneapolis' extensive network of trail systems. I enjoy researching and documenting the history of the Twin Cities through exploration and photography of some of the hidden areas above and below the streets here.

I acquired an interest in photography in high school after enrolling in a class for what I thought would be an easy elective credit; Photography 101. I was sent home with a fully mechanical 35mm film camera and notes on darkroom techniques. Instantly, I fell in love with the whole process from changing bags, to developing tanks to cramped, red darkrooms. The part that kept me coming back was the anticipatory feeling I experienced while waiting for the image to magically reveal itself on a sheet of photo paper, submerged in the developing tray.

With modern digital camera systems the gratification of knowing you nailed the image comes much quicker, but every once in a while there’s a brief moment in time where I get that feeling all over again as I wait for the image to appear on my camera's LCD. It is this feeling that fuels my passion for photography.

I carry this passion with me to each wedding I photograph. It is my goal to capture the many moments of anticipation and joy that you will experience on your wedding day. I look forward to the opportunity of creating the images that will strengthen your memories.

-Daniel Snow